Are your socks causing your smelly feet?

Are your socks causing your smelly feet?

With more sweat glands in the feet than anywhere else in the human body, it is commonly thought that the pungent stinky feet smell is caused by over-sweating, (hence the term 'sweaty feet'! However, it's not the case - these sweat glands play an important role; sweat is purposely released throughout the day to help cool the body and to keep the skin moist.

So, what's causing the unwanted aroma, and how can we eliminate the cause?

Put simply - switch to bamboo fibre-rich socks - and here's the reasons why:

Issue No.1 - Your feet are overheating!
Synthetic socks can make your feet much hotter, which in turn, do make your feet sweat. Furthermore, with a dark, damp and warm environment in which to grow your feet become a bacterial playground. Then, add into the equation that the sweat may have permeated into your shoes too and imagine the resulting pong!
Resolution: Bamboo socks are naturally thermo-regulating; keeping feet cooler on warm days and warmer on cool days.

Issue No.2 - Your socks don't absorb sweat
Whilst synthetic socks can cause your feet to sweat, some socks may also keep the moisture next to your skin. Foot odour can also occur from the growth of bacteria flourishing within the warm damp fabric.
Resolution: Bamboo fibres are ultra-absorbant and 'wick away' the moisture to keep feeling fresh and dry through the day.

Issue No.3 - Your feet can't breath!
The socks that you are wearing are preventing air from circulating around your skin. Your socks aren't breathable, another cause of overheating, damp feet...
Resolution: Bamboo socks are 'breathable', they permit air to the feet; pulling moisture away to evaporate - rather than linger to cause stinky feet.

Issue No.4 - Fungus & bacteria
Not an issue that we want to delve too deeply into. Whilst bacteria on your feet is the norm, healthy bacteria break down the sweat upon release. But, an unhealthy build up of sweat and bacteria can create the unattractive pungent whiff.
Resolution: Bamboo socks naturally anti-bacterial for improved foot health; helping to fight fungus, germs, reduce bacteria (and smell).